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Happily, a relentlessly gay garden

The Phactors' garden attracts a lot of attention and several people in the "hood" are regular visitors to see what's happenin'. Neighbors regularly tell us how much they enjoy the views, so no notes, no complaints, but to complain about a garden being "relentlessly gay", well, that would truly make us more relentless. A very dear fellow and his dog make regular visits, and after telling TPP how nice everything looked, he said, "Well, we must be on our way to see that little garden down the block. It's always so happy, so delightful, so cheerful, so gay." It is indeed a delight in a small package as the garden fills the entire lot, one of the smallest on our block, and always there is something to see. As it happens the property owners are gay, something my acquaintance well knows, and he was being cleverly amusing in his own way. Indeed, this garden supports the contention of the author of the linked article that should anyone call your garden gay it is a high complement as my gay gardening friends all have remarkably nice and very creative gardens. So yes, TPP suggests you donate to this woman's garden crusade against religious bigotry so that she may buy every string of rainbow lights in the entire city of Baltimore (Why stop there?) to hang in her garden because that's what our kind of people do when faced with those kind of people. HT the Garden Rant.

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