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Price per flower for peonies

OK, TPP is not quite done with peonies yet! Here's two peonies, both 3.5 foot diameter mounds of foliage and flowers, really big flowers!  These are Itoh peonies, hybrids between tree peonies and herbaceous peonies. They generally die down each year like herbaceous peonies, although they may have short, woody stems persist. The stems are quite stout and avoid the droopiness of herbaceous peonies, and they have the large colorful flowers of tree peonies. These are not cheap plants, generally costing between $55-$65 so many people hesitate to invest so much, but what would you pay for a great big flower?  How about $1? Well, each of these plants will produce 40-50 flowers each year, so the pay back is not too bad. These make quite a colorful presence in just 2-3 years from planting. Also, as you will note, the yellow-flowered genotype of tree peonies does show up in several of these Itoh hybrid varieties.

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