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Oyama magnolia flower bud

This fairly large (5-6 cm) flower bud superimposed naturally on the plant's leaf was interesting to observe and it made an interesting image; a mature flower bud of our Oyama magnolia (Magnolia sieboldii) adjacent to one of its leaves.  The perianth of the flowers are a very pure white so the buds made a stark contrast.  It's been described as looking like a shrub bearing hard-boiled eggs. How lovely that descriptive image!  The flowers are pendant on the plant and the red androecium contrasts nicely against the white perianth, but they are a bit hard to see until the plant gets taller than yourself.  This is a very attractive late spring flowering magnolia, and while not in the common nursery trade it can be bought mail order from several sources. It seems fairly hardy in zone 5.

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