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Garden views - wisteria and yellow flag iris

Our gardens are settling into summer mode and other than a bumper crop of silver maple fruits/seeds, now germinating everywhere, adding to the unharvested sugar maple seedlings from last year, things are looking pretty good so far. The neighborhood is pretty quiet this holiday weekend, but with no where to go, and no desire to go there, our primary activity this weekend is to neaten up the gardens and attack the afore mentioned weeds. About this time of year you begin to learn if your plantings and movings last year were really a good idea or not. One good idea was the wisteria that Mrs. Phactor had been wanting to grow upon a sturdy pergola (A previous wisteria basically tore down a not very sturdy pergola TPP had constructed.). The purple clusters of mildly fragrant flowers are just great and here they constrast nicely with the intense yellow of an iris (I. pseudacorus) growing at the margin of the lily pond.

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