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Very cool cargo trike

Just look at this very cool, very innovative, electric-assisted cargo tricycle.  Wow!  Who wouldn't want one of these?  Perfect for visiting your local farmer's market or running to the neighborhood bakery or wine shoppe. This one is a Raiooo, made in Portugal, and it  involves so many nifty things you would do best to go and read about over at Treehugger where there are more images too. Innovative bicycles just keep showing up making you think they are a favorite subject for creative engineers and designers. It's probably true but mostly because this trike took a lot less money to design and build than a Tesla. In particular the wooden handle bar and frame pieces are so nifty, as is the front bag. But where is the holder for your coffee cup? Come on!  Don't say it's not an option! 

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JaneB said...

This is so cool!

I really should think seriously about a trike. I gave up cycling on the road years ago - what with inconsiderate drivers, and increasing problems with my wrists, and having poor balance in allergy season/cold season (seriously, HOW do you sneeze on a bicycle without wobbling a little) I didn't feel safe. But I bet a trike would be much more stable, visible, and generally practical. Plus I have now reached an age where I no longer expect to or care about looking remotely cool!