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Yes, TPP declares spring is officially here in the upper midwest.  No, it's not because of daylight savings time, which for goofy reasons is controversial this year here in Lincolnland. Apparently a one hour change in the lives of today's average citizen is an intolerable adjustment. No flying to the west coast for you guys!  Personally the Phactors like having more daylight later in the day, but then again we're gardeners. No, it's not because the only thing on TV is basketball; spring can't wait until basketball is over. By then it's nearly the 4th of July. Partly it's because it a downright balmy 50 F outside, and in comparison to the quite cold February, this is downright springy weather. It's because the first flowers are blooming!  Yes, a witchhazel wins this years 2st to flower award. Early crocus and snowdrops are not far behind, and the buds of the silver maples are swelling. Our witchhazels are in shady spots, so they are still not ready to flower, but while out on a walk around the hood, some shrubs on the SW corner of a brick wall were in flower. Being a nice guy, TPP stopped by the local garden shoppe and purchased some pansies for some early color. It's always surprising how tough pansies are, and of course, these were forced in a glasshouse, but they are still cheerful. At least 8 fox squirrels are outside busily cleaning up all the birdseed that got buried in the snow, and while well fed, they are looking a bit scruffy, another sign of spring.

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