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Schocking political news here in Lincolnland

Our state’s young congressman really likes to place fast and loose with money. The public was paying for all sorts of questionable travel, and he accepted an office remodeling job, a questionable gift of questionable taste, and has been involved in all sorts of real estate deals with political supporters, some real sweetheart deals all of us would like to be in on.  He has paid back the travel and paid for the remodeling, but only because he was caught and exposed by the press.  All of this smacks at the very least of poor judgement, and quite possibly questionable ethics, and certainly a disdain for the rules.  But what do you expect?  You give a 30-something guy a lot of power and money, and you expect them to behave? Maybe when he grows up. 
Zounds! Maybe not!  Yes, while this blog was being written our Schocking congressman resigned!  Wow!  That's close to a TPP exclusive!  But not even close; amazing how fast news travels on the internet! Of course it was also amazing how quickly one alleged misconduct was followed by the next. Boys and girls, let that be a lesson to you.   

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