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Happy lettuce for unhappy days

Yesterday, April 17th TPP harvested several nice bibb lettuces for our din-dins.  Wonderful!  Bibb lettuce grows very well in a cold frame; try it next spring.  Little things like this make us happy when crappy things are happening all over.  Here in Lincolnland, our ban against concealed guns was found to infringe upon people's rights by those who misread the 2nd amendment for a living.  People want to carry guns for personal protection, so they must be scared, and scared people are not who you want carrying guns.  And nationally even the least restrictive measures on gun ownership remain an anathema to people who think the solution to gun violence is more guns.  Yes, these people would advocate throwing a bucket of water to people who are drowning.  Such happenings are sad and demonstrate what a pathetic excuse for a country we really are.  So, when depression rears its ugly head, the only therapy readily available is to grow something; plant a tree, raise some lettuce.  It should grow well with the unending supply of manure we get from our elected representatives and the media that gives them a forum for their nonsense.  Perhaps if we only vote for people who garden, the world would be a better place.  Yes, Chauncey Gardener for congress!

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