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Earth Day - we have met the enemy

TPP has been around since the first Earth Day, and while a lot of people now pay at least some lip service to the topic, progress has been pretty slow.  Recycling has been a bright spot, here and there, and it's nice to see more thought being given to energy-efficient architecture.  In a few places wind energy has begun to have a presence.  But tough questions about carbon emissions, population, and climate change, go wanting largely because of gutless politicians, the media, and miserable state of politics just about everywhere.  So it's nice to see the Earth Day events, but the enormity of what needs to be done is quite daunting to the point of being depressing.  We seem to be a species that cannot act except in response to crisis.  Ah well.  Here's a reminder of how long Earth Day has been around as a "happening".  Although the famous phrase was first used in Walt Kelly's Pogo Earth Day poster in 1970, it was repeated the next year in a 2 frame strip where Pogo famously says ....

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