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Hi folks, Mad Dog here, as in only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun, and having just ridden my bicycle home, in 103 F, that would put me in the mad dog category.  It was actually an eerie experience because nothing at all was moving, nobody was out; it was still and quiet except for the buzzing of a couple of cicadas.  The first job is to decide what needs watering the most, and right now that is not an easy task with so much need.  The second job is to get a margarita and then find a cool place to do a bit of blogging.
Now here's the real issue.  For reasons that remain beyond comprehension the Phactors got married 41 years ago the day before her birthday, and that's the problem, it's a double whammy.  To complicate matters in addition to the mandate that both anniversaries require proper recognition, the Phactor is off to the botanical meetings on Sunday and will actually be gone for both anniversary and birthday.  How about some great gift ideas for a great gardener and wonderful wife?  Oh, did the Phactor mention wonderful in case she actually reads this blog?  Did the Phactor say she's attractive and personable?  Without your help this could be a desperate hour.


Diane said...

My preference these days is for:
1)Excellent gardening tools
2)Consumables such as fancy bath soaps
3)Single malt scotch or sherry
But I have only been married for 40 years so YMMV.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Yes, a basket of gardening tools, and then maybe a gift card to a favorite garden center. A simple floral bouquet, maybe. A bottle of wine?

mrs phactor said...

Good suggestions, all