Field of Science

A drought reprieve

The Phactor has never been more pleased to have his BBQ dinner delayed (Thai marinaded chicken).  After 3 weeks of no rain (1/10th of an inch doesn't really count), some very mannerly thunderstorm activity dropped a bit over 1.5" of rain on our parched gardens.  It was amazing to see how quickly some plants recovered particularly the bamboos and ornamental grasses.  Unfortunately while a reprieve, one good rain is not a solution.  This will take many regular rains.  If it doesn't rain again, in a week some plants will need watering again, but no complaints here; this rain was a welcome relief.  The lily pond is topped up too.  Unfortunately now the hot weather will seem a bit worse feeling by adding a nice high humidity component.  So perhaps a bit of gardening will get done today.  Yesterday also resulted in a new animal record for our estate, in fact a new record for us in this neighborhood where we have resided for 34 years: a chipmunk.  Sigh.  Well, why not have one more cute, garden destroying rodent around?  This will excite the kitty girls should they make this discovery too.  


William M. Connolley said...

You're welcome to some of our rain if you like:

The Phytophactor said...

Ah, and so it goes. No equity at all. Too much in some places, and not enough in others, and that goes for a great deal more than rain. And so we have nothing more to do than to commiserate with each other situation. Sorry man.