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Political retirement in Lincolnland

The most recent former governor of Lincolnland, Rob Bag-o-chips has been retired to a federal pen for the next 12 years (85% of a 14 year sentence) making him the 4th of the last 7 to end up in the pokey. This tells you a great deal about how politics works in our fair state; it's all about money and you pay the man. Lincolnland has a 2 party system giving you the choice between incompetent and crooked. Hopefully someday the grand high potentate of Madiganistan, the guy who runs the entire legislature, will break through the ethical thin ice upon which he skates, but he is just so good at it. Don't think any other state can match this record.


Bend said...

"...a choice between incompetent and crooked..." I fail to see the choice here. Ryan was a crooked Republican and Blago, a crooked, incompetent Democrat. Incompetence and corruption are at home in both parties. Where's the reset button?

The Phytophactor said...

Too right!