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Holiday help?

A lull in the action gave the Phactor a window of opportunity to wrap some presents. The only fun part of wrapping presents is watching people unwrap them, but there is a time and place for everything. My assistant did seem to understand this principle at all because no sooner would one end get neatly folded and put into place than a couple of white-gloved paws would get shoved under the paper quite destructively from the other end resetting the process to square one. Considerable assistance was also given to unrolling ribbon. Oh yes, this was all in good fun and one of us was certainly enjoying our together time and this activity immensely, but progress and efficiency required that the instructions be amended. Step 1: Throw the cat out of the room & close the door. Here's a picture of the Phactor's cute assistant.


Carol Steel said...

Kitty is gorgeous! We have three long haired cats, who love to assist with everything we do. Finding sanctuary from them requires great craftiness, as they have determined that the humans need much help with life in general. Merry Christmas to you and Mrs.Phactor, F1 and beautiful kitty!

CelticRose said...

Beautiful cat! And, yes, locking the kitty out of the room is quite often the most necessary step in getting anything done when one has feline companions.