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Holiday Gift Idea for Botanists & Gardeners - PlantCam

No question about it, The Phactor is a hard dude to buy presents for, especially according to Mrs. Phactor and the F1 (Hmm, actually no one else buys me presents.), but he appreciates their persistence. How anyone has managed to live this long without owning a time lapse PlantCam is beyond me! And it has other applications like finding out which of two totally innocent looking who me felines broke that lamp or chewed on that plant while you were out. If someone out there has used the PlantCam, let us know about how you liked it. In keeping with his independent approach to blogging, and the fact that no one has offered a kickback for my endorsements, no vendor is being provided, but if you shop it around the web, you should be able to find a PlantCam for under $80. This link goes to a U-tube video sales pitch. This would be so cool for student use on tropical field trips where we would find out if it's really water-proof or just sort of. Surely some generous donor wants to enhance the educational experience of a budding botany student.

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