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Senator Burris misforgotspokelied. Is anyone surprised?

Well, folks, I don't think anyone here in Lincolnland is even mildly surprised. Now that Senator I-have-memory-slips Burris has had a month or so to think about it, he now recalls talking to our impeachy former Governor's brother about the senate seat and helping with some campaign contributions. So in his former testimony he sort of misforgotspokelied. Ah, but you know those Blago boys are such kidders, who knew they were serious!

Of course in his appointment hearings Burris was asked point blank if he ever discussed the senate seat with anyone related to the Governor. No, Burris did not remember a thing. So we are to believe the telephone rings and the brother of the governor asks about possibly appointing him to the senate, and this career political hack who has built a garveyard monument to his own mediocrity, doesn't remember a thing about it. Sure. I twould be easier to believe they don't grow corn in Lincolnland. Why fess up now?

You can almost see the sweat on Burris' forehead. Do you think it was those ginkgo pills that improved his memory, or maybe our impeachy governor's recent threat to blow the whistle on all the political deals and other dirt he knows about? Why you'd think Senator Burris may have dealt with our former governor before, and thinks he isn't bluffing. So Burris decides it's better to do some spin control now rather than get Blagoed later.

Wonder what other old memories will surface in the coming weeks as various state office holders decide to Burris it? No question it will continue to amuse us voters of Lincolnland.

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