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Just getting by in hard times

My heart goes out to people suffering in these hard times. I'm so fortunate to be largely isolated from the economic down turn. Living well within your means buffers you from hard times. Hardly a day goes by without some sad report of people in financial trouble. And as the hard times spread it touches everyone. But I can barely stand to read about some of these stories. I just don't know how they manage! Scraping by on $500,000 a year is just so difficult even under normal conditions, but when the economy turns south, well, things get really tough.

And here you thought you had it bad. Well, this just shows you how difficult things are for people all over.

Can you imagine the hardship of having to wear the same designer gown to two different functions! Can you imagine having to send your kids to a public school? Or, having to fire the nanny or housekeeper and discovering that dishes and kids do not clean themselves? And, just think about (oh, the horror of it all is almost too much for decent people to bear) having to use public transportation!

Their sense of entitlement boggles the imagination. Or maybe us mere peasants just don't understand our society's aristocracy. Most certainly our economic aristocrats don't understand the pain and suffering of real people. Anyone for a piece of cake?

Hat tip to the F1 for sending me the link to this article.


Larissa said...

I mean, I wouldn't mind trying to live on $500,000 in the city. Of course, I'd probably just keep my same cheap-o apartment and use the first fraction of the stuff to pay off my student loans. It's really unbelievable. I guess they have the right to complain, but I think it will fall mostly on deaf ears.

Larissa said...

p.s. thanks for the shout-out

Anonymous said...

You'll be able to get by those hard times if you'll just trust yourself and have faith in yourself. It's kinda hard though especially now but you must fight what you believe in. It's like a battle of life and death. Put it that way. Hope this will help. God Bless.