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Unhelpful hint on seed pack

TPP decided it was time to get some early season garden plants going.  And you know they do so much for novices these days.  The planting and harvesting instructions are pretty detailed.  But while planting some snap peas the little picture of the emerging shoots got TPP's attention.  Here it is.  OK
resolution is terrible, but those are cotyledons of a shape appropriate for radishes or cabbage or other members of the mustard family.  The cotyledons of peas never appear above ground, just the epicotyl shoot.  So pretty unhelpful to the novice gardener who might want to pull those other shoots up.  So who does something so botanically wrong.  Someone doing seed pack graphics who has never grown peas, or radishes?  Some well-known seed company should be ashamed.  

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Katherine Wagner-Reiss said...

Astute observation, thank you for posting. I would love to see a response from the seed company !