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Monday, monday reprise

It was just a week ago that TPP was being grouchy about the weather and all being depressing on a Monday morning.  Now it's doing it again!  Just a light dusting of snow, not 20 or so inches like north of here, but this fell on all the flowering bulbs, and the Korean azaleas, Cornus mas, and Prunus tomentosa.  So yes, these extended bits of winter are making for a very grouchy Monday morning.  The good ole boy who lived next to TPP when he was a kid always said that "if it doesn't snow on your peas, you didn't plant them early enough".  Well, TPP's snap peas went in the ground on Saturday, so no signs of their cotyledons yet.  None were actually expected.  Funny how few people notice little things like that.  Suggest that you germinate a bean and a pea so you can see what a difference it makes where the shoot elongates relative to the cotyledonary node, either above it, or below it.  But either way TPP needs to go shopping for snap or snow peas for a pasta dish that will be tonight's dinner, a way more cheerful thought.

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