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Friday Fabulous Flower

It was a bit warmer yesterday, back to brisk today, but enough to give a few more of these terribly cute Iris (I. reticulata) a chance to flower.  Their flower is pretty large in comparison to the size of the plants, although the leaves will get longer and taller.  This is a species that would like being in a sunny rock garden, which TPP does not have, but in one bed this bulb-forming Iris has been happy. This is a very cheerful spring flower if you can make it happy.  In 3 or 4 other places in our gardens it has just faded away.  This species has been a FFF before, but not too many other choices right now, and if enjoyable each spring, then no problem featuring it again.

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Katherine said...

This flower is so pretty, you can post it any time!
I do love plant names and I was wondering why it would be called reticulata (meaning netted), because I do not see any netted pattern, so I checked on and they say that there is a reticulate pattern on the dry bulbs.
Iris, of course ,is the Greek goddess of the rainbow!