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Friday Fabulous Flower - Crocus

Crocus just sort of appear in our gardens.  Two types, the very early little snow crocus, and it has invaded our lawns and garden beds in many locations.  Cute.  A larger variety of crocus lives in a couple of different garden beds and flowers a bit later.  No idea how they get around. But they are very cheerful.  Here you can see the three anthers spaced around the three-lobed stigma (a bit oranger), and the two whorls of perianth.  By the time the lawn needs cutting, they will have died back for the year, so they can easily naturalize should you desire it.  


katherine said...

Quite lovely. No problems with squirrels eating the bulbs or deer eating the flowers?

The Phytophactor said...

Squirrels leave the crocus alone. Deer rare here in middle of city, but not totally lacking. But bun-buns like to nibble the leaves and flowers especially when in clumps in beds rather than dispersed in the lawn. You should see the shrubbery nibbled down by the bun-buns over the winter.