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Fence gardening

Is it too early to start posting about garden ideas?  No, never too early.  The F1 has a stockade fence around her not-very-big garden/patio/yard.  It used to keep her Maine coon cat mostly confined.  Fences like this can look rather plain & ugly, and a lot of surface area seems to be wasted.  That's why the idea of using regular guttering, cheap and easy to install as linear fence garden beds seems like such a good idea, especially for smallish, faster growing plants, i.e., lettuces, baby bok choi, spinach, green onions & the like.  The picture says it all and TPP knows a good idea when he sees it again.  Water at the top and it flows down.  The system might even be hydroponic, but it need not be that complicated. Just some potting soil in some coconut fiber liner could do the job nicely.  It could also be a riot of color if you planted petunias or something like that.

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