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Help out the Phytophactor

Dear Readers, The Phytophactor is in the planning phases of a field trip to New Zealand; it's been at least 30 years since he last visited.  So what he needs is a decent plant identification book that does not come in a 10 volume set.  Traveling light and limited luggage you know.  For recording those plants (and scenery), while iphone cameras are far better than they used to be, TPP still likes to have a camera with controls that go beyond point and shoot.  Liked my Nikon P7000, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth.  Love the close up focusing of those Nikon lens.  Traveled for years with lens and camera backs and lots more, but as the years have accumulated, the convenience of a compact camera has increased.  So what advice do people out there have for TPP?  Advise me well grasshoppers, and you will be rewarded with many fine blogs. 

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Maire Smith said...

Andrew Crowe makes fantastic laypeople's plant ID books for New Zealand species. Many are pocket size. I have a few of the different titles, and I've found them very useful and very, very easy to carry.