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Erasing Nature

Erasing Nature is a title stolen/borrowed/reused from the Garden Rant blog (love those people).  TPP has long fought against plant blindness, but this goes to the level of replacing nature with digital technology.  TPP finds this totally appalling. 
Acorn, adder, ash, beech, bluebell, buttercup, catkin, conker, cowslip, cygnet, dandelion, fern, hazel, heather, heron, ivy, kingfisher, lark, mistletoe, nectar, newt, otter, pasture and willow; all these words have been left out of the new edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary and here's the new words added: attachment, block-graph, blog, broadband, bullet-point, celebrity, chatroom, committee, cut-and-paste, MP3 player and voice-mail.  Of course 2/3s of the cuts are botanical.
And because they have so little experience with nature many teachers are no help at all.  Damn, TPP tries not to read news about the POTUS, so he turns to gardening blogs, and gets all depressed anyways. 

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