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Crab grass season

It's crab grass season again, oh, joy!  Amazing how fast that stuff covers ground. You travel for two weeks and any bare space, and some not so bare spaces are covered.  Beds that got mulched a month ago are fine, but a few neglected places are chock full of weeds.  Poke weed if just getting going as is, a small white-flowered burr-bearing member of the Boraginaceae; used to have a long-haired cat that collected these like crazy.  TPP actually threw away a knit shirt that collected do many; removing them was quite unthinkable.  Funny, the name escape right now. Mrs. Phactor actually hates weeds and she's on a rampage. But severely hot weather and dry soil have slowed her down.  Do you think a weed of the week would be a good feature? 


William M. Connolley said...

Weed of the week and how to deal with it... As to Crab Grass, I don't even know what it is, you should include pix.

Unknown said...

A weed of the week is a fantastic idea! Blogging about weeds might not be sexy, but it sure would be useful.