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Friday Fabulous Flower - Desert Willow

It's usually hot and dry this time of year in Tulsa OK, but it's been relatively wet this year.  Yet here was a xeric adapted plant, nice for landscaping, and it seemed to be enjoying the lavish waterings nature was providing.  This was a plant TPP first saw growing outside a  Spanish style church in the SW USA, where it is a native.  The leaves are linear, and quite willow like but opposite on the stem as appropriate for the family, the Bignons.  This is Chilopsis linearis, the desert willow.  Basically a southwestern Catalpa but with a bit more colorful flowers.
This was a family TPP studied many decades ago, but back then this genus was elusive as were the many tropical vines growing way up there.  Don't know why as this species is widely planted as an ornamental.

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