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Plant amnesty

Here's a web site that some of you may need, or like even if you don't need it - Plant Amnesty: working to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs.  This was a new resource for TPP brought to my attention by those good people over at the Garden Rant blog.  Funny how things like this pop up.  For years TPP has ranted about "poodle" pruning of shrubs and other horrible, nasty, terrible things people do to shrubs and trees.  Seems like most people prune too much or too little.  So And then because people don't know what they're doing they wait too long and only radical pruning can be used to try and rescue a specimen.  TPP should have been a founding member of Plant Amnesty.  You'll find a lot of good advice and helpful articles at Plant Amnesty.  The F1 had to have a letter writing campaign to get her well-meaning neighbors to release her fosythia from being regularly mutilated into a ball.

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