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Golf made interesting, finally!

TPP is not a fan of golf.  Growing up a rural blue-collar semi-farmer type kid starts you out a long ways from having an interest in an expensive game (compared to our other games) that takes a nice natural area and transform it into a monoculture of grass.  Also developed a strong aversion to mowing grass as a kid, and although the game does not involve much of that the course is a constant reminder of the boredom. So TPP was cheered this morning to hear that Brazil may have succeeded in making golf interesting for the Olympics this year. Yes, golf course alligators could make the game more interesting, further suggest poisonous snakes and Africanized bees, and anything else that could help see which contestants really can concentrate on their shots while being stalked, and the dun-dun, dun-dun music that gives away what is coming.  And it's just so much more interesting when the water hazard is a hazard to the golfer not just the ball. While exploring the botany of the roughs, and finding almost as many golf balls as Dr. Chips lost for a pretty good score of -2 balls (for 18), the course warned about marauding black bears, one shown running along with a bag of golf clubs in its mouth. Now that's interesting. Add some alligators and you really have something!

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