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Leftovers - Halloween treat department

The cold miserable rain stopped in time for kids to get out for trick or treat last evening. That was nice for everyone concerned, but as TPP explained just a couple of days ago, the housing density is lower in our neighborhood and in terms of optimal foraging this area is sort of a dead end. So mostly it's just the neighborhood kids. This year during the two hour trick or treat window of opportunity, our house was visited by just 15 kids. Limiting the time extent has improved the quality of the activity greatly and before this limit was enforced as the hour got later the tricker-or-treaters got older and less cute, and more entitled. But few beggers that means leftover treats. One rule is never buy treats that you yourself wouldn't eat, however, while a little chocolate-covered coconut or peanut butter is OK every now and again, having too much temptation around is not a good thing. So given that there's lots of lab work going on, just plain old sorting piles of prairie vegetation, a stash of nutritive rewards is a good thing to have available. Each bag sorted lets you dip into the treat jar. College students, both undergraduate and graduate, too sophisticated and too old for trick-or-treating are still quite happy to have such treats available. TPP will also stock up on post-Halloween treat sales and take some along to Costa Rica at the end of the month. The Ticos don't get to see this kind of USA candy and they do have a sweet tooth. Cheap and easy way to be nice and provide a nice surprise. One of TPP's Costa Rican friends kids grew up while my visits were annual and nearer to Christmas, and the first year TPP missed a trip, his kids were so disappointed. Hmm, those might even have been more seasonal treats of a Christmas nature. Same concept though.

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