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Senior cell phone 876 area code scam

TPP's new cell phone just rang (or doodly-doed) and that's still a pretty new thing since very few people have his number (except maybe from a previous cell number life), and so rather than just answering reflexively, TPP glanced at the device, and beneath the caller's phone number sporting an 876 area code was the word "Jamaica".  Very few people in Jamaica ever call; in fact none.  So figuring people can always leave a message ("Yah, moan."), the call went unanswered. A quick look around the internet indicated TPP has good instincts; calls from the 876 area code are often scams directed toward senior citizens.  Why? Is we more gullible? Oh, yes, we gots money.  Good thing skepticism seems to come quite naturally to biological scientists, so consider this a warning y'all. Good thing the iPhone indicated the origin of the phone call!    


Anonymous said...

I almost never answer calls for which I don't recognize the number. I might also look up the number on reverse phone lookup on, which is good about reporting spamming activity for certain numbers. I can then use my smart phone to block incoming calls from a given number; once added to the "ignore list" the phone doesn't even ring. This useful feature can also be used for non-spammers, such as in-laws.

theikmarket said...

This reminds me of the post I found at It lists all the phone numbers with 876 area codes that are being used to perpetrate phone scams. I encourage everyone to check on the post and be familiar with the bogus numbers to know whose phone call not to answer.

Larissa said...

I got a call from Jamaica too. Silly scammers don't know I'm a poor person!