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No April fools around here

The governor of Hoosierhome, the state that keeps Lincolnland from bumping into Ohio, really tried to put a prank over on us in this morning's news by saying that the Religious Freedom Act he recently signed into law wasn't about discrimination.  Wonder if he fooled anyone? As an April 1st prank it was too obvious. After all the language of this law was carefully changed from versions passed in other states to clearly allow individuals to engage in discrimination by simply saying their sincerely held religious beliefs to be a bigot were being infringed upon. And as governor he surely read and understood the language in the bill prior to signing it surrounded by some of Hoosierhome's up standing religious freedom advocates who he didn't want to identify to the press.  No sir, around here everyone knows that religious freedom is a euphemism for bigotry Hoosier style (and AK style too). So try harder next time because there are no fools around here, well, actually there are, just not as many as live next door, maybe.

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Diane said...

Religious freedom is also the right
to refuse access to birth control by
doctors and pharmacists and company sponsored health insurance policies.
Notice how carefully this is NOT being mentioned.