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Fun and Games with new maps of the USA

This article is just a lot of fun. What would the USA look like if all 50 states had the same population?  Or perhaps some other number of states?  Or whatever! TPP is annoyed because it's Lincolnland not Land of Lincoln. You'd think they'd know.  Or in another option, posting to you from Sangamon. And it's fun to know that if they were states, North and South Manhattan, divided at 186th and 187th streets, each would have more people than North and South Dakota. New Jersey has 15 times as many people as Wyoming, but is just one tenth its size. No room for buffalo to roam there in the east. And there will be more to come as the series continues. In particular you have to like the four state option, One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State, which has the making of a really good children's' book.  Enjoy.

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