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Simulacraceae, a new plant family

Good parodies of science are rare, good parodies of botany are even rarer, so here’s a study of plant simulacra, an update on what we’ve called Plantus plasticus for decades. What’s even more amusing is that the 1st author is a biologist from New York, New York, so one supposes he must study what is available and make the most of it, and the result is more than you ever wanted to know about this new family of plants. Perhaps you will have some specimens to pass along to the authors. Enjoy.

HT to Casaubon’s Book.


Anonymous said...

What about the Robotanica genus specimen that I linked here: :-))

The Phytophactor said...

Apologies for not being right on top of fast breaking science news parodies, but it was a busy day, field work you know, also sort of a joke, and somehow this was missed, but thanks to meristemi for this timely addition. Here's the link.