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Garden Flowering Log - June

The pace of flowering in our gardens slowed down in June, although a considerable redundancy in some categories (like lilies) kept things very colorful. A friend and colleague got married just this past week, and our garden supplied all the table flowers. It was a bloomin' good time! Over the past 30 days 37 new things have flowered (And the Sinocalycanthus is still in bloom!), bringing the total for this season to 233 flowering events. The count is still on, but 300 may be a stretch.
June 1: Dwarf goat's beard (Aruncus)
June 2: Astilbe (several var.), wood lilies, ink berry holly, masterwort (Astrantia)
June 4: Moonbeam tickseed
June 5: Chrysanthemum
June 6: Hydrangea (oakleaf, endless summer)
June 8: pickerel week, shasta daisy
June 9: early Hosta, daylilies, purple coneflower
June 10: Yucca
June 11: Indian hemp, shrubby St. John's wort
June 12: Hydrangea annabelle, Stoke's aster (Stokesia)
June 13: Hollyhock hibiscus (Lavatera)
June 14: Prairie rose, purple lace-top Hydrangea
June 16: Ligularia japonica
June 17: beauty-berry
June 19: Figwort
June 20: Stewartia pseudocamellia
June 21: Beebalm, Goose-neck loosestrife, mid-season Hostas
June 24: White Snakeroot, Ligularia stenocephala
June 25: Prairie blazing star
June 26: Yellow cone flower, Hens & chickens, Ural false spirea (Sorbaria)
June 29: Clematis heracleifolia, Scarlet catch-fly
June 30: Tigerlily

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