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Watching plants grow

Watching plants grow is best done with a margarita in hand while sitting on a bench. This activity is not for easily excited people. Most people would not believe how much activity there is because most people lack the patience to watch carefully enough or long enough. For those who are less patient, or less observant, some nice people at the BBC have made watching plants grow a bit easier. The narration could be more informative about what is being observed, but this video has some nice time lapse photographic sequences. For example, the guttation taking place from the tips of bamboo leaves in the opening segment. So get your cocktail, settle back, and enjoy this little video.
For the gardener who has everything, or the gadget freak, there are now weather-proof digital garden cameras to photograph your own plants growing and flowering (link provided without any implied endorsement unless of course they decide to buy me off.).

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