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Berry-go-Round #27 - It's Spring!

It's pretty obvious that Mary is a bit nostalgic for some temperate spring, either that or the Neotropical Savanna just got innudated by us northern temperate types. Either way, it's a spring Berry-go-Round Up (#27) of botanical blogs. Thanks for the posting.


Mary said...

That obvious, is it? Maybe it's being inundated by early winter rains - 16 inches in the past 4 days. :-(

The Phytophactor said...

"16 inches [of rain]in the past 4 days"

Wow! And I do know how depressing that much rain can be having had 18" fall on my study site camp in just 48 hrs. Nothing in the temperate zone really prepares you for tropical rain. Want to come for a visit?