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Relief from winter doldrums: 5. Plant catalogs

Seed and plant catalogs are the earliest harbingers of spring that exists. Yes, only 2-3 short weeks after the holiday gift catalog deluge ends, the spring seed and plant catalog arrivals begin! Egged on by promissory pictures, you get to whallow in midwiner gardening dreams and expectations. You get to make selections to fulfill your every garden fantasy, and maybe even order something if your budget allows. It's such great fun that the Phactor doesn't even mind this departure from the ecological straight and narrow. Hard to know why some catalogs keep coming, but apparently mailing lists are forever. It's not because of purchases because the Phactor buys most of his common garden plants and seeds from local family owned garden shops. Although seeds of those orange Turkish eggplants are calling out to be bought.
So readers, what catalogs send the most shivers of anticipation up your gardening spines?


Pat said...

Chiltern Seeds get my hopes up every year. I grew the pink aubergines last year, eggplants to you. I only have one windowsill so my ambition always exceeds possibility. I have to let the pests kill them or I wouldn't have room next year.

The Phytophactor said...

Here's the link for Chiltern Seeds.