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Monday's Bureaucratic Wonder!

As you are probably aware, Lincolnland is second to no one in the careful nuturing of politicians and bureaucrats sensitive to your needs. Since our great public institution's credit was not as good as my own, the Phactor had need to use his own personal credit to charge baggage fees for students and a colleague on a recent tropical field trip. The cost had been budgeted and it was a simple matter of filing for reimbursement. However, our Comptroller, the one who regulates, directs, and restrains, the one who interprets state rules and regulations to generate the most circuitous and annoying procedures, decreed that my colleague, who had not spent a dime, must file for imbursement (it wasn't re- anything) as the traveller, and then if the spirit moved him, repay me. See how nicely that keeps track of everything? Someone who did not spend any money must file paper work to get the money you spent, and then give it too you. Wow! Perhaps we need a policy where in an annual balloting the bureaucrat voted least helpful and the greatest hinderance could be voted out of a job and off campus. And maybe if we are extremely lucky, she'll take her husband with her (he only came in third in the voting). Since the Phactor is an equal opportunity fellow, the administration shall have the same opportunity to vote faculty out. Oh, wait, they already do that!

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