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RIP - The Cat's Cat

For nearly 19 years this cat allowed the Phactor to live in his house and serve him his food. A true cat's cat, this image shows him in a "good cat" phase, asleep, and of course, no one was ever present during the "bad cat" phases because true to the CAT CODE, rules scrupulously followed in your presence were totally ignored in your absence. Baskets were there to be dumped in search of interesting contents. House plants were for those between meal snacks. Oriental carpets were for barfing up afore mentioned house plants so as not to soil the floors. And out of consideration for our guests, all snacks and edible items placed out on tables must be sampled in full view. Hmmm, crackers; hmmm, pie crust; hmmm, cheese cake; hmmm, vanilla ice cream! He got yelled at so many times his full name got shortened to a single syllable with an exclaimation point permanently attached: Alex!

Alex! found it saved time and energy to go full tilt in as straight a path as possible between where he was and his intended destination, so why would anyone be so inconsiderate as to place vases, lamp, or plants along one of these paths? All of this energy was packaged into a football-shaped plush tiger covering, and although it did not look possible, it all could be wedged into the space between you and the arm of a chair or couch. And his bulk helped anchor your feet at night. Alex! retained his vigor well into his golden years looking many years junior to his true age. The years finally caught up to him, and he'll be missed, not only as a part of the family, but as a role model for cats everywhere.


Bob O'H said...


I'm owned by a cat who has learned these lessons well. I known what you're going through.

Anonymous said...

My only objection to your eulogy--which was very fine indeed--is that I now have no hope that my cat Nitella will outgrow her delightful habits. I suppose I should accept that and change her name to Nitella!


Larissa said...

Not to mention he did all those things on the smallest paws (pitters) I've ever seen! He was an excellent feline, and he is already dearly missed.

The Phytophactor said...

What! Someone, in addition to my dear friend, Dr. Wood Chip, who names their pets (Nyssa, Typha)using plant genera!

Yes, Alex! had talented paws. He was also better at opening doors than any cat had a right to be. As everyone knows, open door plus cat equals trouble.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed! Nitella's sister is named Chara.