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Where to begin?

It is best to begin at the beginning. But where might that be? First, I am not certain that I am totally enamored with the blogosphere. Like many things with few constraints, much is a wasteland. And yet, as I wander, some few thoughtful and insightful commentaries are encountered. And it is by no means certain if I shall offer anything new or different.

Among science blogs, to whichI plan in part to contribute, it comes as no surprise that organisms green with chlorophyll and the people who study them seem woefully under represented. Why should the blogosphere be any different that real life? So the choice is either whine or join in, and whining has never been my style. And so a plant pundit is born.

Academic life is quite the hoot, part circus, part anarchy, part passion, part coaching, part scholarship, part entrepreneur, part frustrating, and mostly an interesting way to make a living, certainly better than working. As an observer of this enterprise for over 4 decades, I have gained a few insights into what makes academia and academics tick, and I find myself part sage, part curmudgeon, but by no means finished. It also makes me one of the senior bloggers, an old fogey in a younger person's pursuit. Just like the music of the 60s and 70s, we baby boomers just won't fade away. And one can take a certain satisfaction that their mere existance annoys some people.

I am purposefully keeping this blog simple; I don't want to spend too much time messing with it. A lunch time dabble in blogging is fine; but some people need to get a life. I have one, and am only willing to share so much.

With that I begin. Nothing very profound or even entertaining, but a first step taken. Seems positive.

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