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Friday Fabulous flower

 As many of TPP's reader know Magnolia's and nagnoliid flowers are a great favorite.  The collection  includes two species of big-leafed magnolia, M. tripetala and M. megaphylla (var. aschii).  Both have leaves that are routinely more than 20 inches long.  The Asche magnolia also has really big flowers 9-10 inches across and it flowers when quite small and young if polar vortexes stay away.  

Here's the flower some 9" across and it was about 4' above the ground.  This one gets some protection by growing fairly close to our house.  It is the Ashe variety (native to the FL pan handle) which should not get so big, although we saw a full-sized one at an arboretum in Kansas City.  Enjoy.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Very impressive. Beautiful bloom and a beautiful photo!