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A couple of emails have enquired about my blogging hiatus

 A couple of concerned followers/readers have enquired as to TPP's well being.  Thank you very much for caring. TPP is just fine, and not at all interested in becoming a pandemic statistic.  When not much is going on day to day there just isn't anything much to blog about.  Several more out door tropical plants have begun to flower, an orchid cactus and one of TPP's favorite flowers, the Queen's tears (and here) are flowering right on schedule (almost to the day) and they do make one happy.  This year a hort student who received a chunk of its rhizome is thrilled to see it flower again; quite reliable this plant. The flowers do not last long so do enjoy them.  

Got most of my shopping done for the immediate family.  Extended European 
"family" have their gifts on the way, particularly the candied, spiced pecans for the young woman with the big sweet tooth.  The gifts aren't much, but its nice to remember people.   Sort of self guaranteeing for the sake of some holiday visitors.  So staying away from shopping crowds seems like an excellent idea anyways.

TPP has been wasting way too much time worrying about our lame duck president who wants to demonstrate just what a poor loser he is, and he doesn't care if he does damage to our democratic traditions in the process.  That so many people (gullible?) believe his fabrications is quite troubling.  Supposedly the whole process should end today, but TPP doubts it because he craves attention probably more than anything, and he must do something to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms.

The house is beautifully decorated as a result of Mrs. Phactor's efforts.  It is quite cheerful and much needed, even if not seen by anyone but us.

Hope the rest of you have a nice, safe holiday season.  

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