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Sir Richard Attenborough is 94 years old and seems as sharp as ever.  He's certainly seen more of this planet than most, and it is clear that he has thought about what he's seen and what has been transpiring during his life more than most too.  His new netflix film, A life on our planet, is excellent, maybe the best film he's ever done. The Phactors recommend that you watch this film with your family, and then consider what this 45th president has done for the environment.  Just a look up the Bear's Ears national monument to see what is left after an axe was taken to the map.  Not sure how much more environment is left to be given away by people like this. The film begins at Chernobyl, which struck TPP as a funny place to start but at the end of the film the Chernobyl location makes sense. 


Pattock said...

Lord Richard Attenborough died in 2014 at the age of 90. His brother Sir David is still around and making documentaries and campaigning for people to take more care of our planet before everything is lost. I would also recommend his latest work. I would also recommend giving Trump what I believe Americans call "the bum's rush".

The Phytophactor said...

Oops, sorry for mixing up the Attenboroughs. Very much hope we can remove Trump.