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Earth Day 2020 - 50 years !

Happy Earth Day everyone!  TPP was finishing his last semester in college, before the people got shot at Kent state, and the shadow cast by the student anti-war strikes sort of blotted out Earth Day.  And we are marching backward, as the current administration is making our air and water dirtier by cutting or relaxing environmental rules.  Does this make us "great again"? Apparently.  And if T-rump is willing to throw the health of the American people under the economic bus, the environment has no chance at all.  Golf courses are not natural things, lots of organisms get displaced so that a monoculture of grass can take their place.  Remember the Earth Day wisdom of Pogo the Possum.


William M. Connolley said...

Happy (belated) Earth Day.

Some years ago you recommended Tree Peonies. I got one, and it has now flowered, and is lovely ( Thank you.

The Phytophactor said...

Wow! Someone who has followed by advice and is glad about it. Where's the picture? Mine are presently in bud stage. Although it is hard to admit, the Itoh hybrids are easier to grow and they have lots of flowers of the tree peony sort. Try Cora Louise. She isn't yellow but she is pretty.