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Friday Fabulous fruit

 OK it hasn't happened in a long time, but TPP encountered a new and unfamiliar tropical fruit.  As you might image TPP's list of tropical fruits that he has tried is quite extensive.  So here TPP is, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, at an extremely nice rental (Fern Grotto Inn) -  note TPP seldom gives endorsements, so you might consider how good this place is to deserve a tip of the hat.  At any while the beer in the fridge and the macadamia chocolates and the flowers every where might be enough for most people, there was also a fruit bowl that had this interesting item in it.  It was about 3" in diameter, green with a purple blush, soft in a ripe fruit sort of way, and it had a pinkish flesh with 10 of so slots for flat seeds covered with a translucent aril or fleshy seed coat.  It was quite sweet.  So what does the TPP reader brain trust think?  TPP will post the answer in a day or two.  Last time this happened TPP was dissecting mangosteens in hotel lobby in Thailand.  

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