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Friday Fabulous Flower - Cheery, springy flowers

Sorry for being a day late with a FFF, but yesterday was largely lost to a medical procedure, which turned out well (no problems -yea!), but is quite wretchedly awful to prepare for.  So largely lost the day.  And what with the national news being so depressing, and our so-called leaders being so terribly depressing (please do not get TPP going), the primary thought was to find something cheerful.
As the area is in a semi-thaw, although snowing quite nicely just now, did a walk around the mid-winter gardens.  Cheerful observations: lots of bulbs poking up and things like snowdrops could flower any time; early shrubs have swollen buds (Cornus mas, witch hazel showing some red petals), a whitish flowered Hellebore (H. x ballardiae 'cinnamon snow'), a so-called Lenten rose, has buds showing among last year's leaves.   As those things were cheerful TPP decided a pot of forced daffodils, a smaller-flowered variety, purchased for Mrs. Phactor would be featured.  Hope they cheer you up too, if not, get off to the nearest flower shop and buy yourself some cheer.  It'll be worth it!  

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