Field of Science

Elfine Iris

Mrs. Phactor likes Iris, and while she exercises considerable patience in their cuture, she appreciates a good Iris as much as the next person. In this instance "good" means easy to grow, reasonably trouble free, floriferous, and attractive.  This is a dwarfish variety that fills the bill and it's variety is named Achen elf.  No idea what it means, but it has a home, several actually, in our gardens. This is a clump growing along the sidewalk of our front gardens, a semi-tough place to grow, and it looks very good this spring.  It has a bit of an old timey quality to the color combination.


nycguy said...

That's Aachen elf, with 2 As. Aachen is the German name of the city also known as Aix-la-Chapelle.

The Phytophactor said...

Many thanks, and for certain, Mrs. Phactor knew the correct spelling, but not its name sake city.