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Sanitized for your protection

TPP hates uncontrolled experiments. As a senior citizen my physician insisted upon providing a flu shot, and now TPP has a "flu-like substance", a low-grade fever, achy discomfort, general malaise, and a bad attitude about being sick. Is it flu?  Probably, and it would have been worse if you hadn't gotten a flu shot.  Sure.  Maybe, but how would we know?  But just so you know this blog has been sanitized for your protection. You may be subjected to whatever affects this brain, but you won't catch anything worse than an idea. 
TPP also used to hate the dress warmly or you'll catch cold admonishment from his Mother. You dress warmly to stay warm when it's cold, but how does that in any way ward off virus?  It doesn't.  And you are more likely to catch something inside than outside.
Not only isn't it a controlled experiment, a biased observer is involved recording the data. Blowing off steam is just another avoidance device to delay writing a holiday greetings letter. Maybe TPP will feel better later.

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