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End of summer &

Today seemed a lot like a Monday, primarily because it was a Monday & TPP had to get up and go to a meeting.  In this case for a good reason, but TPP is getting used to this retired sort of life.  But it was the first day since sometime last spring when a light jacket seeded necessary to be comfortable. The high today should be right around 70 degrees, quite comfortable, but the upper 50s this morning seemed cold after hot, muggy weather for so long.  Nothing so unusual here except it's September 26th, almost the end of the month. This is a good 1-2 weeks later than usual.  And indeed the fall is upon us.  Tomorrow is our first quest to find apples and squashes for the winter.  Found some year old (or so) frozen cooked squash deep within the freezer and well beyond its "sell by" date, but still perfectly good especially to make curried squash soup for an ill friend. The whole house smells great as a result of our cooking, and this soup is certain to make you feel better especially when the garnished with a crumble of blue cheese and accompanied by a crust loaf of bread, and eaten after the weather turns cool. Perhaps if asked nicely TPP can publish the recipe for you.   

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