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A lot of water under the bridge...

On or about 45 years ago, and a few hours ago, the Phactors were wed.  It is quite hard to believe. 45 years is a long time and yet it doesn't seem so very long.  Over our evening cocktails (Mrs. Phactor was drinking a cold sparkling rose out of a silver goblet from the wedding, but they just don't work for margaritas. Our monogrammed silver mint julip cups, a wedding present from KY cousin Dan, continue to function just fine.) we were trying to remember certain events that took place on or about this time so many years ago, but with not very good recall on several issues.  Memory just fails us.  It's crazy what you do remember but sad what you forget. A best friend's wedding at which we apparently took no pictures.  And were TPP's parents present?  Not certain at all.  One thing is certain, and that is tomorrow is Mrs. Phactor's birthday, 49 me thinks, and not to be forgotten because of juxtaposition with this wedding thing as TPP was reminded so very many years ago. So yes, he  faithfully has gotten his bride a birthday gift.  The monstrous Hostapedia should keep her amused for a day or two, but even it may not help ID a couple of unknown varieties.  

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