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It's not nice to tempt Mother Nature when she's in a bad mood already

Just an hour ago, TPP tempted fate and the fickle finger of Mother Nature delivered.  The pixels on TPP's last blog were hardly dry when a largish limb split from the neighbor's big Liriodendron (tulip tree) and narrowly missed squashing their garage like a bug. As it is the damage is minimal but no one is going anywhere any time too soon. This is a job well beyond TPP's abilities with a chair saw although in younger and more foolish days he has handled an even bigger job, but then it was his own garage on the line, and it was only a weekender cabin. Of course a couple of nice Thuja plicata's are under that limb and the limber pine may have taken a beating. Not to mention his tiny Sinocalycanthus is where it can get trampled during the clean up.  Of course, this kind of weather will have every qualified arborist in the area working overtime for a week or two.

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Anonymous said...

The one storm we fear most of all. Ice storms do so much damage and disrupt communities for so many days. Our longest was a 13 day shutdown when linemen from all over the east were in Maine trying to get the power up. Fire stations were full of cots and women cooking up a storm in the kitchens to shelter and feed all the cold and hungry. I hated to see my trees sag sag sag break. Fortunately though we were warm (woodstove), had water (deep well handpump), and had our minimal light from solar panels. For once the back-to-the-lander/hippies had what we needed. Hope not too much of your beautiful garden took a hit.